Deborah Kerr on the Broward County Cultural Division is a tremendous supporter of LGBTQ Arts


Deborah Kerr on the Broward County Cultural Division is personally one of the strongest supporters of LGBTQ+ Arts and Music.

The Fort Lauderdale Gay Men’s Chorus considers itself so tremendously blessed to have the support of Deborah Kerr and the entire County Cultural Division at  Their proclamation will move you too: 


6.   Deborah Kerr, Broward Cultural Council ( | Why We Sing -
[Do NOT Ms. Deborah’s fabulous entrance and feather boa at 0:54]

“We Are The World” [song begins at: 0:48] …was the brainchild of Harry Belafonte and his USA for Africa organization. The spirit is as needed today as it was 36 years ago in 1985, the year before The Fort Lauderdale Gay Men’s Chorus was founded. We performed “We Are The World” for our very first Pride in June of 1986. This arrangement was by chorus accompanist, Mr. Ron Schmoltze.

Sing along with “We Are The World” below:


7. "We Are The World"(sing along) | Why We Sing - Dr. Gary Keating on the 35th Anniv. of


WHY WE SING …celebrates the 35th anniversary of the We are reaching far back into our songbook to perform classic songs. With songs and stories, we explore the reasons why we stood up together to sing in 1986 and why we still stand together to sing today in 2022.  

Click the image below to watch more of the concert. 


Florida Gay Men's Chorus Anniversary Concert