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New Member Auditions 
Weds Oct 5th and 12th
UCC – Ft Lauderdale
2501 NE 30th Street, Ft Lauderdale, FL

Join Fort Lauderdale Gay Men's Chorus

Looking to join a New Gay Club Near You?

We welcome new members. We are better than any gay app and would love to have you join our fun chorus family.

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Open Rehearsals Near You – More Fun Than Karaoke!

Prior to auditioning, you are invited to attend one or two rehearsals (while we’re in session) to experience the Fort Lauderdale Gay Men’s Chorus in advance. This is an actual rehearsal for current members as the chorus prepares for an upcoming concert. Open rehearsals give everyone an idea of what to expect on a weekly basis if you become a member. We strongly recommend that you come to one or two rehearsals.

The Audition

The audition process for the Fort Lauderdale Gay Men’s Chorus is designed to be informal and as stress-free as possible.

What to expect at audition: You will meet our Director, who will guide you through a series of vocal warm-ups and exercises with the piano. It would be helpful to have a song (or portion of) in mind to sing in order to have him hear your voice and range.  Bring a piece of music to sing. We will provide an accompanist or you can bring karaoke tracks – nearly everything will do. It can be as simple as “Happy Birthday” or as complex as an aria, but we need to hear you sing. Please come prepared. You do not have to know how to read music, but at a minimum, it helps to be able to follow your voice line. There is no formal written music test. Of course, any previous music experience is a plus. (No need to bring a resume.) You’ll then meet with the chorus officers for a short, informal get-to-know-you session. There is no ‘gay test” (LOL) and anyone in the LGBTQQA universe or gender (and pronoun) spectrum is welcome to audition. Overall, the whole process shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.  You will be notified of your audition outcome within a day by phone or e-mail.  At that time you will be assigned a “Buddy,” a chorus member in a similar voice type who can meet you at your first rehearsal, show you the ‘ropes,’ and introduce you to other members in the chorus.

Rehearsal Location

Auditions are held in the main sanctuary of UCC Cathedral Ft Lauderdale, 2501 NE 30th Street, Fort Lauderdale (near Oakland Park Blvd and US1) in South Florida, the sunniest part of the Sunshine State.

map to UCC Sunshine Cathedral Church Fort Lauderdale

Time Commitment

The Fort Lauderdale Gay Men’s Chorus presents three major concerts a year, usually December, March, and June. In addition, FTLGMC will occasionally participate in community performances outside of this cycle (holiday gatherings, Pride events, AIDS Walk, etc.) at the Director’s discretion.  Attendance at rehearsals and performances is mandatory, unless prior arrangements have been made through your section leader.

Regular Rehearsals

Our regular rehearsals are every Wednesday evening, 7:30-10:00 p.m. in the main sanctuary of UCC Cathedral Ft Lauderdale, 2501 NE 30th Street, Fort Lauderdale (near Oakland Park Blvd and US1) in South Florida, the Sunshine State. Our rehearsal time is valuable – we learn a great deal of music for each concert.  Members are expected to arrive on time. Many members come to rehearsal early in order to take care of business matters and to socialize.

Special Rehearsals

There are also special rehearsals (sectionals, dress rehearsals, etc) and the dates and times are announced as these are scheduled.  Two or three extra rehearsals are often scheduled in the days before a main concert.


Because we strive for the best artistic product possible, Fort Lauderdale Gay Men’s Chorus has an attendance policy, which requires a minimum of 75 % of ALL rehearsal attendance during each concert period.

Personal Responsibility for Learning Music

You will be expected to review your music at home, so you will be fully prepared for concerts.  Often, but not always, we are able to provide you with a rehearsal recording for each concert with which you can practice.  Music is memorized for our concerts.  Members who do not read music well will usually bring recording devices to rehearsal.


Around October we sometimes hold a weekend long retreat at a facility outside of Broward County, usually requiring a Friday and Saturday night hotel stay at members’ expense.  The retreat counts as one regular required rehearsal and one make-up rehearsal and is also a great opportunity to get to know each other.


You will have access to the complete schedule of rehearsals, performances, and other important dates soon after you join, so you can mark your calendar accordingly.

Volunteer Teams

To keep the chorus running smoothly, we often need to rely on members to volunteer extra time.  The majority of jobs require relatively little time individually, but as a whole, they represent a tremendous amount of effort, without which the chorus would not be able to function.  The members are assigned to volunteer teams, which are called upon from time to time to help with logistics that would otherwise need to be hired out.


Our season runs from September through June.


The annual dues for FTLGMC membership are $30 per month, or $360 per year. As a volunteer membership organization, we raise all of our own funds from membership dues, advertising, ticket sales, etc.  Dues help to pay for music, rehearsal rental space, some costumes, performance space, lighting, sound, and all operational expenses.  Financial assistance (partial or full) is available for those who need it.  No one is denied membership based on financial issues!


Members are responsible for purchasing their “formal” attire. Information on attire will be provided to you upon acceptance into the chorus. There are other incidental expenses for minor costume items.

Join the Original Fort Lauderdale Gay Men’s Chorus, the Best Gay Club in the Wilton Manors area.


Audition Coordinator: Fred Johnson
Email: contact@theftlgmc.org
Phone:  954-832-0060