Mayor Trantalis is a huge supporter and fan of our historic chorus, the 1st LGBTQ Arts organization in the state of Florida.  

WATCH what he has to say about us: 

[Mayor Trantalis starts his talk at 0:38 and begins his Proclamation at 0:50]

For over 60 years, the City of Fort Lauderdale has been “Where The Boys Are.”   “Where The Boys Are” was performed as part of a “Miami Medley” at an early GALA Choruses Conference (@GALA Choruses) in Seattle 1989.   

Sing along with the audience at our “Why We Sing” concert below: 


See more of the Why We Sing show by clicking on the image below:

Ft Lauderdale Gay Men's Chorus - Florida's 1st LBGTQ Arts Organization since 1986 - Poster